The dining room: pink curtains!

The dining room: pink curtains!

You may remember that we have a pink dining room.  A bubble gum pink dining room.  A bold move, maybe, but I love it. What I didn’t love were the dark wood shades that came with the house. They were nice, but well, I hate shades no matter what, and these didn’t allow any light in at all. The windows in the dining room face south and get a ton of light that we just couldn’t enjoy. So, in another bold move, I got pink curtains.  Pink curtains in a pink room! Because I can.

I was inspired by the gorgeous pink linen curtains Emily Henderson put in her ’70s Funky Elegance room on Secrets of a Stylist. Really, the whole room was amazing. So much pink. You can see more pictures of it here, and also, it’s a great show so you should watch it on HGTV Saturday nights.

From Secrets of a Stylist

Anyway, I saw that show and was deeply in love with the pink curtains and started daydreaming about wanting to take down those dreary old wood shades in the dining room and put in something light and airy and, of course, pink.

And wouldn’t you know Target had a pair of the perfect faux silk baby pink curtains!! I’ll admit, even I was a little worried at first that pink on pink could be way too much. But the curtains are pale enough, and everything else in the room is still dark enough, that I think they work really well. The length is a little awkward, and I’d like to hem them up to the windowsill someday to show off the really nice carved wood underneath, but I am so happy!  Now so much sun comes in the dining room windows it actually looks like a light is on, but the curtains are double lined, so there’s still privacy. Perfect.

My dining room!

Anyone really familiar with our dining room may also notice that we did a little bit of rearranging. We moved the liquor cabinet from the right wall to the middle under my great grandfather’s portrait, which really opened up the room a lot.

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