The case of the incredible missing backyard

The case of the incredible missing backyard

Our backyard is missing!

No, it didn’t get stolen in the night. This isn’t some great mystery (I’ve read too many Nancy Drew books). Our landscapers finally came to start work on our deck/backyard, and we could not be happier.

I came home from work yesterday and first I saw…

Oh nice, all the weeds along the driveway are gone.

And then I saw …

Great! No more patchy grass and overgrown weeds in the backyard.

And then…


Our entire deck is gone!!!

Holy moly.

After several delays and false starts, it feels like we’ve been waiting FOREVER for work to start on our deck (it’s been about a month), and I was at the point where I almost felt like it might not ever happen. It’s SUPER WEIRD to see a giant hole where our deck used to be and some makeshift stairs to get into the house, but I’m sooo excited to see what happens next. I will be especially excited when our a/c gets hooked back up, because we’ve been without it for a week and we are melting.

We’ll be back with a full before/after post when we have an after to share!

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