Thing I love: Kate Spade’s things we love

Thing I love: Kate Spade’s things we love

I’m really loving the new book Kate Spade New York: Things We Love. Over the last 20 years, the creative team at Kate Spade has been collecting little bits of inspiration — from the color of a shoe to a funny saying to a gorgeous photograph — and in this book, they share a lot of them with us. It is so much fun to look through.

I think this book is what the inside of my head looks like: bright colors, cute shoes and plenty of polka dots. There’s a whole chapter on polka dots!

I’ve said before that I think Kate Spade knows what I want before I know I want it. And this book is no exception. Every time I pick it up, I find something else to love.

I’ve been finding tons of inspiration from books lately. Do you have any others to recommend?

Also pictured: Home by Novogratz, by Robert and Cortney Novogratz; Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker

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