When Blinds Make All the Difference

When Blinds Make All the Difference

Happy Monday, guys! I hope you were able to check out our finished kitchen report on Friday. If not, take a minute to go look because, personally, we think it’s pretty amazing. In that post we mentioned a few things that we still need to do, including hanging some window blinds. We put them up this weekend and they’re a total game changer.

(Totally unstyled iPhone pics I snapped this morning — this is real life, guys, including baby bottles on the counter!)

We love our new kitchen but without the blinds it was looking pretty bare and almost too open. The windows felt really naked. We bought bamboo roman blinds from Overstock, which were the least expensive ones that we could find that fit our windows, especially since the two windows are different sizes (so annoying). These blinds were perfect for us because the width is available in one-inch increments and they can be mounted outside the window frame, which we needed to do because our windows are too shallow for an inside mount. If I had known more, I would have ordered them each an inch or two bigger so there’s more of an overhang outside the frame.

The blinds warm up all the cool white and add a lot of dimension to the whole room. The blinds also look great with the light above our dining room table. (Light from Ikea, rug from Target, high chair from Amazon, table/chairs are vintage)

Baby bottles galore! Our plan is to wrap the chords up and hide them behind the brackets to make them baby-safe and less messy looking. Chords drive me nuts. We don’t plan on closing the blinds very often, since they look at our back yard.

So those are our new blinds. We think they made a HUGE difference to the room.

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